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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

One Step Forward cont'd.

I forgot to mention the seat yesterday. The new springs were fitted, and look a treat, I'm happy about the matte finish of the stainless springs as I reckon on steering away from chrome and towards something like electroless nickel plating on the usual bits. Gloss black is the new chrome anyway.
One problem has arisen though, with the springs on and every thing pulled up tight, the nose of the seat has moved back by about an inch. This kicks the pivot position, as was, into touch, which is a bastard as I thought that was finished. It's no fault of the springs as they are exactly what was requested from the maker, it's that the little "L" shaped brackets beneath the seat itself were not tightened up fully during the "mock up" or rather cock up as it now appears to have been!!!!!!
It's not really a problem it just calls for a rethink, which I think is in the bag already.

In this shot the nose of the seat can be seen sitting a little higher and further forward than before, in some ways it is better as it reveals the bottom of the seat line which is running parallel to the frame rail. Could be a blessing in disguise, could be me disguising compromise.

Here's a rear three quarter shot showing Sunday's work, still looking good in my opinion, still holding to the British Iron Works vision of a British style Bobber. Thought of the word Restro today to give the style a monicker, remember that folks, you heard it here first.

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