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Saturday, 27 March 2010

A7 Moving Along Again

Well, we got a bit done on the ol' A7 today, finally got a welder to do what it says on the tin. Do reckon that MIG is a bit harsh for some of the work though, two minutes to lay the weld down and then two hours to file it and dress it. TIG gotta be the answer, but the cost seems pretty prohibitive at the moment.
Still, got the seat nose piece pivot all welded up and welded up the frame of the seat as well. This was done to get rid of the poorly applied rivets that come fitted.
Welded up the upper mudguard support brackets, that's quite pleasing as even without any rear support it seems pretty darn rigid and will self support quite happily.
Did a little welding on the rear numberplate support, this looks OK, but seeing as this will be a feature piece, the rest will now be TIG welded elsewhere.

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