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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Looks like a good weekend looming

As promised, the number plate brackets have been made, the TR4 plate illumination lamp looks the mutts nutts when fitted. The mounting bar arrangement has been roughed out, it just needs sorting out for height and welding. As the rear of the pressed number plate shows the registration in mirror format, another alloy plate has been made to cover the back, there are plans afoot for this. Should have pix of it in an early style on the next post.
Johnny bought a MIG welder last weekend, and now he's scored some wire and gas to run on it. Assuming that it works as intended, may well get some progress sorted.

Been giving the girder project lot's of thought, especially on how to fabricate the yokes. It's only conceptualising at the moment as offset has to be calculated, I am guessing that the stem center and the pivot axis should be offset around 60mm if 100mm links are used.

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