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Monday, 22 March 2010

Maybe not all that was hoped for..........

Well, that was that then. Cliff's welder decided to not work again when we got it back, and Johnny's bargain is in danger of being surgically inserted back to the vendor. Should'a bought a new one to start with, easy to say now of course.

On a brighter note,

Went up to my ol' mate Geoff's yesterday, and saw this up for grabs

It's a 1949 500cc B33 motor slotted into an M20 frame. It's been brought in from India and by all accounts is a runner. It would make a great basis for the Single Project although the price is a little steep at the moment. Whilst we are actively seeking bits to stockpile for the next project, this is a little too much to lay out with the old A7 still needing cash spending on it.
Interesting to get the opportunity to study an original pair of BSA girders though. Didn't realise that the legs actually taper inwards between the top and bottom links. Also the rear legs are 7/8" (22 mm) diameter and the front 5/8" (16mm), strange how details elude until you start to look a bit closer. There are a few detail shots over on the girder page.

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