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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More bits coming together.

The number plate lamp arrived today, nice I like it lots. It's genuine Lucas and was fitted to Triumph TR4 sports cars back in the day. I couldn't remember how big they were, just that they were pretty funky looking. The bloke who put it on the old auction site didn't use a ruler or anything to reference against. When the bag arrived I was a little disconcerted because the Lucas box was larger than I hoped, but when opened it was mostly full of wire, the light unit is only about an inch in diameter.
Got a load of mudguard brackets laser cut today, more as a test run to see how it worked. Good result as it turns out, took the drawing to the bloke at one o'clock, he's phoning me by four to say they're done. Told me that he was up for any more work in a similar stylee, nice bloke, nice work, job's a goodun.
Anybody want a pair then let me know, special discount if bought through this site.

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