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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Number Plate Bracket Get's Started

Having got all the bits together, work could start on the number plate and mounting set-up. The idea is to use the existing cast lugs on the frame, originally intended as sidecar mounts. These are quite a large casting, some 38mm OD and 32mm ID, so it meant a large sleeve to accommodate it. The picture below shows the upright in position, loosely attached to the sleeve.

The large bolt head in the center is only there to keep it all in position, the rear light will be mounted through the sidecar lug as well. The upright had not been cut to final length at this stage and is still some 50mm too long.

This picture shows the support from the rear, and gives a better idea of how the sleeve encompasses the sidecar lug. It also shows a better view of the lower collar on the support pillar, the numberplate bracket is inserted into the slot that can be seen on the right hand side.

These are the parts that go together to build up the numberplate holder. The Lucas TR4 illumination lamp can be seen at the top along with the chrome surround. The bracket is also shown with the aluminium cover plate at the bottom.
This assembly of parts can be bought from this site, as a show plate only item.

The two pictures above show the TR4 light unit in position, it's easy to see why the finished result gives us so much pleasure 'round here. As stated previously, this was the vision, how it was hoped it would turn out, and voila, that's what we got.

And here it all is assembled, in this picture the cover plate is shown on the front to demonstrate it as a complete assembly if it is sold. The next picture shows the unit "roughed up" in position as can be seen by the insulating tape precariously holding it together. The upright has been cut down to what is, or very close to, the final height. Unfortunately there are still some issues with the "new" welder, and it was not possible to tack it up at this stage.

Just a final picture of the complete assembly viewed edge on to show how thin and compact it all is. We're very pleased with the outcome so far, although this shot does show how out of line it is at the moment.

There's still some way to go before it is finished, the final welding and an anti-rotation device to stop the whole lot turning round in use.

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