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Friday, 19 March 2010

Welding in a two up stylee

As mentioned before, we've been having trouble with the "new" welder, not feeding the wire at a constant rate. We got some 0.6mm now and that will be tried tomorrow, in the meantime Cliff at work has got a MIG welder that no longer arcs, so I asked him if we could borrow the feed wheel off of it, to see if it fits. "Tell ya what" he says "it ain't no good to me, you can have it, I'll bring it into work tomorrow and you can pick it up" Result thinks I, phone Johnny re: van availability, yep that's cool, so game on. Cliff then phoned me up at home and says that he's dragged it out, plugged it in to check it was feeding, and then struck the wire against the earth and whaddya know, it's spark city! So he tells me, that's OK pick it up anyway, and keep hold of it until the bikes finished. Quality or what? Welding frenzy!!!!!!!!!

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