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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Beggin' to be bobbed!

After posting the piece on the Madras Marauder the other day, I started to think about not seeing any rigid framed, Enfield Bobbers around. Admitedly the hard tail has not been featured in their catalogue until this year, and it is still early in the season, but I have not even heard a whisper that someone is doing one. Looking at the "standard" example above, is it not crying out to get intimate with Mr Makita?

Running 500 Bullets from the '90s can be picked up for between eight hundred and one thousand pounds here in the UK, you should be able to ride it home for that. The hard tail cost around £500 including tax, chuck in another £500 for mudguards, exhaust and a seat and there you have it, Bobber heaven for about two grand!

The Hitchcock's catalogue is soft porn for a Bullet owner and the combinations and possibilities of the parts available are endless.

Can't not be done, can it?


  1. Hey Quaff,
    As you - and the whole DB world - know, I am the new owner of Rowan's Balti Bobber, which I expect to receive at the end of the month. I'll be up for the hardtail experience as soon as it's run in and some more cash turns up! I'll be in touch about some other stuff too.

  2. I just sent you a few hardtailled RE pics mate...

  3. Here's something on Ebay at the moment, with a comprehensive list of Hitchcock's prices:
    Probably not exactly what you were thinking of, but hardtail all the same.

  4. Sorry mate, the above comment was sent from my wife's account, but it was me all along.