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Friday, 30 April 2010

Fingers Crossed,

Bought a couple of these new, about three months ago, they are pukka Lucas L594 light units as fitted on the back of Land Rovers and stuff. The idea being to make a bullet shaped case to fit 'em in for a couple of cool rear lights on the A7. I did a drawing and showed it to a guy who has a contract engineering shop. He says "Yeah no problem mate, I can do that" Didn't want more than a drink for doing it as well. So I thought, naively as it turns out, result. As time went by it was always, too busy mate, next week! You all know the story I guess. Well today, he said that they are machined and just need the three fixing holes for the unit to screw on and it's job done. Well, as far as he's concerned it's job done there's still mounting hardware to make and weld on, but fingers crossed it may, just may, be next week.
Sometimes I wish that a bloke would say 50 quid or something and then treat it as a proper job and get it done in a reasonable time.

On the up side, the seat frame and the support brackets are down the powder coaters and should be back in a couple of days ready for upholstering.

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