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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Quick update on the A7

Just so you know I haven't forgotten about the old A7. The seat supports have now been thinned in the vertical sections, this shouldn't cause any problems in the future as they are effectively stopping the brackets from turning and any stress is across the width. The seat has been "tigged" around the front pivot tube, so that area is all complete now. New mattress springs from Armours in Bournmouth have been bright nickel plated along with the front spring retaining nose piece. Just in case somebody looks up underneath y'understand. I am reworking the brackets that hold the main springs to the seat frame, these will be welded on (If a MIG set feels like it !) rather than bolted. After this has been done, the seat frame can be given one last lick over with a file to tidy a few bits up, and then blasted and sprayed, followed by a trip to the uphosterer. It's going to be covered in leather, hopefully with some kind of tuck and roll/pleat work on the top. The original plan was to go for an ivory coloured leather to tie in with the proposed paint scheme, but, to be honest, I'm not sure I've got the balls to go that route. It may well end up a boring natural hide, never know though, it may change back when I'm down there.

This seat is turning into a project in it's own right, but that's cool, it fits the bike and it works as it should.
Hopefully there will be a few pictures over the weekend.

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