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Friday, 2 April 2010

Toddy's Board Racer

Had to show you this, this picture was posted by Toddy on Dirty Bobbers, it's a'39 AJS twin port motor that he's building up as a board racer. The gloss silver of the main cases really looks pukka, another option on the A7 then.
The attention to detail in this shot alone makes this an eagerly anticipated build thread.

Oooops! Toddy contacted me after reading the bit above and said that the cases are in fact bead blasted and not painted. He also posted another couple of pix.

The wheel is of unknown origin, obviously from a dirt bike of some description, but which? The assembly of turned parts are frame lugs and the beginning of a set of girders, I am thinking. Hmmmm, there's some uncanny parallels beginning to crop up here, updates will appear as soon as they become available folks.

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