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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wouldn't ya just know it ...........

...... as soon as I make a statement on here someone jumps up an' shoots it down in flames. Rowan from Sprunghubs and Hardtales kindly sent a few pix of customised Bullets over. A couple are a bit odd and not really what we're talking about here but these two pretty much hit the mark.

This silver number gets oh so close to hitting the sweet spot, nice ride all the same. Both bikes feature standard wheels and forks, and the casquette looks to be untouched on this one. The casquette is a nicely made and shaped piece, being made from aluminium, it is a polishers dream.
Not sure about the space beneath the seat though, wants something there to give it balance. Makes it look unfinished, but that could be years of expecting something under there, maybe.
As an aside, and a bit of a beardy fact a lot of people consider the Enfield to be of a wet sump design because of the lack of visible oil tank. The oil tank is the finned section behind the timing cover and is seperated from the main crankcase. Making them dry sump like virtually all four strokes of it's generation.

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  1. I simply love that open look but i guess if you need electrics its the place to stash them in a dummy oil tank type thingey.... only thing on the silver one i dislike if that bloody huge exhaust .. not sure which rear end is the closest to the one hitchcocks are nocking out though