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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

All hopes dashed

What a pisser !!!!!
A couple of posts ago I told you that I was eagerly anticipating the imminent arrival of the rear light shell. Well it turned up this morning, I grabbed it out of the box it was in and my heart sank, even before I saw it, it weighs loads, at least a kilo ! I may weigh it tomorrow just as a matter of interest. The bloke has not scalloped it out as thin as he could like I asked him, instead there's an inch hole down the centre. On top of this it's about 10mm too big in diameter, so all in all it's 'king useless. The actual shape and finish is spot on, which makes it worse.
The problem I suppose is dealing with people who are not into bikes themselves and therefore don't really understand the use and purpose of what they are being asked to make.
The other thing that got my goat, was that I did not have a back up plan in place for this eventuality, so things are now pretty much where they were several months ago.
One chink of light in the darkness, is that I have a set of Harley indicators in the shed which are 3" diameter, one of these may be OK but it'll mean going down that old compromise alley once again.
I may keep it as a paperweight to remind me to be a bit more specific in my requests.

1 comment:

  1. I know how you feel.

    I feel some consolation that at least I'm not alone in being disappointed with custom parts I've had made recently.