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Thursday, 6 May 2010

And still it seems to be on the up.......

As promised, here's a couple of shots of the rear light housing, all 2.4 kg of it. In the first picture it is clear that the shape, in my opinion, is absolutely superb, probably better than what I had in mind before I ventured out on this misadventure. Other than it being some 10 mm too large in diameter it is spot on.

This picture shows where most of those unwanted kilos are hiding, what is not hole is solid steel. I was originally going to fit a lamp either side, two of these muthas and I would have had a wheelying monster from Hell. Yer man obviously did not grasp what it was for.
The bloke who made it came in today, his wife dropped it off on Wednesday (strong woman) so it was the first opportunity to speak to him about it. When he asked if it was OK, I had to tell him that it wasn't quite what I had in mind. I did take responsibility for the cock up though, as I had not checked the drawing before handing it over, lesson learnt for the umpteenth time. All credit to him though, he said that he would have another go and will bring the drawing over tomorrow so we can go over it and discuss in some detail what I actually do want. I think that I should go with it as the shape is truly custom and it will look ace if and when it's right. May even get a few more knocked up and post 'em for sale.
Having said that, plan B will still be continued as the time factor may well become an issue again.

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