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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bullet Stuff In The Bank.

A couple of weeks ago I was in discussion with Hitchcock's regarding a half width rear hub for the Bullet. I always think the full width hub looks a bit ungainly, nicely made thing and all that, all those fins cast on it to cool it down when braking from super high velocities and all. Nice, but in a new sort of way, so any way, they gave me a quote to build up a new "old" hub out of parts. It wasn't an outlandish figure, but then again not one to grab with both hands. I took a speculative trawl around using this here majick television and found a place in India who takes payment by PayPal, and asked for a quote. They came back with a price inclusive of shipping for about the same as I would have paid in VAT and postage up the road. So, with future business in mind I paid up and took my chances, and here we are about 10 days later, with a brand spanking new hub, spindle, bearings and spacers. Needless to say, I am awaiting a quote on the drum/sprocket and the brake plate.

I've had these yokes about 18 months, saw them going on the Bay at a good price and thought I best own 'em. Didn't really have a use for them at the time, but better sitting here than in someone else's shed. A little bit billetty maybe, but a lovely made set of yokes all the same.

They are made specifically for a Bullet and should bolt straight in, they are advertised as suiting a trials conversion. I think that they add about 2" (50mm) in the length of the fork, not really a desirable thing, but as always, we'll wait and see.


  1. i've had stuff from India before man... its ok but please check them bearings.. the ones i had were shit, however that was like 10 years ago, they might have improved

    are those yokes threaded in the top for bullet legs, they are cool, would give you the option to go smaller rim on the front ?

  2. sorry man i meant like going 16" rims front and back with chunkier tyres on your hardtail when you get it,

    its a thought

  3. Oi QM, if ya dont use those yokes , give us a shout, thats just what I'm looking for for my my Indian Fire Arrow. Any chance of a link to your India source, i'm needing hubs and forks too
    Cheers Steve

  4. I've seen these in the latest Hitchcock's catalogue. They will look great on your Hardtail.