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Monday, 10 May 2010

Like this lot, lots

Come across this band by chance reading the local rag. The following is the profile lifted from their Myspace page

About The Silver Brazilians
The Silver Brazilians emerged from the burgeoning underground Iranian Rockabilly scene where they were discovered at Tehran’s premier hotspot The Golden Abattoir. The club had long been known as a jump off point for many important and influential bands including The Basralittes, D.N.W.A and, of course, Glukel Shapiro & the Burka-Popes but none have transcended geographical, religious and underwear constraints quite like Deaf, Slim, Ted and Kirk - known collectively as the Silver Brazilians. Oddly enough, original bass player Nobby Hymen was tragically smashed in a 'string changing misunderstanding' but was quickly replaced by his clone Ted D. Rocker - a vast improvement on his predecessor on account of his having asymmetrical ankles and a better head. Deemed too risqué by the media, a recent T.V appearance saw the Brazilians having to be filmed from the hair up; an incident gaining them the accolade of "the sauciest rock & roll band in the world!" With songs like ‘Iraqdonalds’, ‘Let's Get Killed’, ‘Crack Baby’ and (who could forget?) ‘The Madness of Suzuki Seijun', the Silver Brazilians' genuine love of snoods and balloon bending has changed the way people think about Cuban heels forever.

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