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Friday, 7 May 2010

A seat in a non-election stylee

Got the seat back from the powder coaters yesterday, looks alright, although I should have concentrated on the finish on the inside of the rails rather than the outside. The inside of the rails is what people will see if they look up under the seat. The bright nickel plating on the springs and front nose piece has come out well and contrasts really nicely against the black.

It is a little difficult to see the effect on these pictures but it looks pretty darn reasonable to me. Of course all of this will be hidden under the seat cover, unless it is viewed from below. Maybe someone else will see it and appreciate the detail, maybe not, but hey ho I like it. Also got the right angled mounting plates blacked at the same time, again they are looking reasonable, Shan't bother with a picture as they look the same as before, only black.

I've got to be really careful with the powder coating option as it's too easy to put on, but a bugger to get off. It's OK for small ancillary bits that will probably stay black for a while to come, but for the frame, wheel hubs and the like I feel wet paint is the more flexible option as it easier to remove if required.

I ran the base down to the upholsterers this afternoon, and have chosen to go the cream leather pleated route. I may regret this when it's done, time will tell. The guy said two to three weeks, he's really stacked with work. Bike seats, car interiors and even a bit of furniture to do. More waiting to be done then.

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