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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Someone out there is doin' it

Been in a bit of an e-mail to and fro with Hitchcock's regarding the availability of a half width hub that would fit their hardtail conversion. It can be done but surprisingly it's not straight forward due to a difference in spindle size. The bit that caught me out though was their parting shot, don't start yet as we've sold out of the rear ends. So it's starting out there somewhere.

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  1. From Bullet Mania yahoo group:

    "Next Friday (28th May) sees the opening of a new pub in Redditch, and it will have a rather special name. In homage to the motorcycle manufacturer which was associated with the town for sixty years, the new hostelry will be called The Royal Enfield.

    Part of the JD Wetherspoon chain which has spent £850,000 in redeveloping the site on Unicorn Hill, the Royal Enfield will specialise in real ales , including an exclusive beer called The Bullet, brewed by Stourbridge's Sadler's Ales"

    Worth a trip up there one day?