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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Tale of a Tail Light

..... and so it continues, the adaptor/spacer has been enlarged to try and accentuate the egg like profile, and to lose the Sporster heritage of the shell (oops, no egg joke intended). It looks like it has worked, but the step down in diameters still does not look right from the side. Straight on from the end it helps as the concentric rings look pukkah. It looks a little big in isolation as well, but again, held up against the bike, the proportions are about right.

As explained elsewhere, the original plan was to place the light unit beneath the number plate. This idea has taken a bit of a nosedive lately though. The first problem, and purely aesthetic, is that it has to sit out in the centre of the plate in line with the number plate illumination lamp. This looks OK with regards to the plate but shit to the rest of the bike, it clutters up the clean look of the rear wheel set-up. The other reason being that, call me a pussy if ya like, brake lights off to the side and only a handful of inches off of the deck are not the best way of grabbing the attention of White Van Man, who is probably on the phone as I'm coming to a stop.

So it looks like it will be sat on top of the rear guard like 98% of other back lights. Boring or what? At least it might be unique.
Any comments gratefully received.

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  1. wont be like others... its the only one out there... good on you