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Saturday, 22 May 2010

That's better

Well, it was the question of the moment, would fitting the engraved plate on to the bike justify the anodising. Well you can make your own minds up here. Well justified if you ask me, as Johnny says it finishes the whole number plate bracket off. Remember all this will be going on at around 10 inches off of the ground. Hopefully the shadow caused by the slight back tilt will make it look like a flat black plate when looked down at from normal eye level. It's reckoned that people will be caught touching it, trying to figure what it is.

The DB side has been less deeply engraved, making the effect of nothing there more believable. It really looks like one of those fossils that appear when a piece of Welsh Slate is cleaved.

All in, the whole episode has turned out really well, the results are what was hoped for and with Scarlett's input even better

Final shot of the side view showing the lot sandwiched together, pretty damn cool and groovy I say. It will go thinner when it's all tightened up as well.....nice.

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