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Monday, 17 May 2010

A trip to the seaside

Ran down to Largo's bike shop in Dover on Saturday to check out a 350 Enfield. Really amazing time-warp of a place, just like they used to be, and ably guarded by John's dog Marley, here looking particularly fierce and alert.

This lovely Daytona was leant up against the wall outside, looking as pretty as a picture. Didn't hear it run, but it's a safe bet that it wouldn't disappoint in the sounds department.

The real treat was still to come, Scarlett from DB had been working on an alloy plate to cover the back of the number plate on the A7. She kept telling me it was all wobbly and she wasn't sure etcetera etcetera. Unfortunately she had made plans to be in London on the day, and we probably passed on the Motorway, it's a real shame as she only lives ten minutes away from the shop.
John handed me a an envelope and said that Scarlett had left it. Well you know how it is, kids at Christmas and all that, opened it up and was greeted with this;

Absolutely lovely, the picture does not really do it justice, this will go down to the platers and be anodised black. A nice piece of artistic detail that does not shout out it's presence but is there to see, for anyone looking closely enough. The surprise did not stop there, turn the plate over and this little beauty is on the other side.

To say it made my day does not start to cover it! Scarlett, I cannot begin to thank you enough for this, true original art, which is very special indeed.

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