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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Two Face back out and about

I posted some really moody black and white pics of Indi's Scout, known as Two Face, these two pictures show how and why the name came about. This bike really sums up shed built bike building, a man carving his own path, building it the way he sees it, and not a catalogue part in site.

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  1. Bloody hell QM. Nice words mate. Got to admit there were a lot of beer and cup of tea moments, sit, sup, and consider. This might sound daft, but a lot of the time she took on a life of her own. Things appeared/came up for sale, and those shaped her. It's always the easier way to build a stripped down bike, what there is of her is more or less stock apart from the wheels, inlets, big bore and mag. And a few stainless bits and pieces.