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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

NCC Cambs Show.

Now the show season is upon us here in the UK, it's good to get out to the early ones to catch a look at the new bikes on the scene. These pictures were taken at the Cambridgeshire branch of the National Chopper Club's show. Not much in the way of Brit Iron, too many bloody Evo's nowadays. Johnny was saying that when he had his Pan on the road in the early days, spotting another custom H-D was so rare that the owner had to be found for a natter. My how things have moved on.

A different take on a Triton.

Reelin' in the years baby.

One of two Meriden Tridents being shown

Nice A65, without the ugly hardtailed stock frame for a change.

Monday, 28 June 2010

A bit of a change this week

Something a wee bit different this week on the music page.

The Way We Were

Pushing the Madras Marauder out this morning, psyching up for another week of servitude at the salt mine when a new neighbour came over. He says "I see you like old motorbikes, do you want an old magazine" So being an easy touch I says "Yeah alright then" and he goes up the road to his van and brings back a 1972 copy of Motorcycle Mechanics. There's some interesting prices in there, which I will probably post some of a bit later, until then feast your eyes on this.

Love the angle of the motor! Click on the picture if you want a better look.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Cool Catalogue, type thing

This is full of good stuff and a neat webmag type of thing.

A Thing Of Beauty

Found this at Saul T Nutz' blog. What a cracking piece of kit, don't know about form following function and all that, this little beauty nails the lot.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

More good stuff from afar

More quality stickers arrived today,

These are from Rowan over at Sprunghubs the one of his blog banner was a surprise inclusion.

Boyle from Benchmark also slipped these into the post, more quality stuff.

Thanks guys, you're stars.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The geneyewine article

The untopped Son House over on the cool sounds page.

Thanks Chris

Chris at Infernal Combustion sent these cool stickers over today. Thanks Man, appreciate it

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Won't ya just look at that!

Meldreth Manor Bike Show

There's a little bike show that is held annually in Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, it's a charity event in aid of a riding school for disabled kids, and is held at that riding school. The first time I went over to the event was over twenty years ago, and it was held in a pub car park. In those days it was a typical local bike club event with a few dozen of the club members bikes on display and not that many more people. Lawks a lawdy! how things change, last night there must of been 2,000 plus bikes over there of all shapes and sizes, and more people than that. The show only lasts for a few hours and can twist ya melon if you've never been before. To turn up, in a small village, in the middle of the week and see that lot tends to shock.

This beautiful Pan was sitting in the main bike park, it's got to be the prettiest Big Twin that I have seen for many a year. Wish I'd have had the chance to speak to the owner as I don't know enough about H-D's to pick out detail. The frame looked standard in the main with stretched upper rails at the back. Johnny said that it was running a Shovel oil pump but any more than that, I ain't got a clue. If any of you darksiders out there recognise any more detail I'd love to know.

This is the first time that I've seen the new 961 Norton in the metal, it's easy to see what all the fuss has been about. It truly is a thing of wonder, the detail for a "production" bike is amazing. This is the SE which sits at the top of the tree and will set you back over 16 grand Sterling, a lot of money to be sure but what price a piece of history? Just gotta hope that the new Norton company follow Triumph's business plan and not Hesketh's.

A 1949 XB32 trials Gold Star, seems a long way from the pile of rare and desirable bits that are sitting at Ironworks HQ at the moment, but the longest journey starts with the first step, as they say

Pretty little 750 OIF Bobber sitting in the classic arena outside. Don't know the story behind the finned primary, period piece or repop? I was told that this belongs to Farmer Rob's brother, if that is the case then more will be revealed after the Offley show in a couple of weeks. The Rob North framed Trident behind was built by my old mate Pete 25 or more years ago, supercharged as well back then. Last night was the first time I've seen it in over 20 years, still looking sweet but nothing like the quality of finish that it once had.

Not a thing you see every day, a Bobbed Velo, looking very much shed built. Nice enough in it's own way, but could be oh so much nicer. Still, if that's what the dude wants all power to him.

Monday, 14 June 2010

A bit of class for ya Monday Pleasure

No video as such this week, but there is the fabulous Mr Johnny Guitar Watson over on the Music page.

Blatant Plagarism

Benny at Boneshakers has just finished this Sporty for a customer. A lovely blending of the new motor in an old timer looking chassis. Reminiscent in some ways of the resto look Trumpets coming out of So-Cal at the moment, it has an Englishness to it that really makes it stand apart. Could this be the start of a British style of custom bikes that are unmistakably British. The Swedes and the Japanese have managed to nail their own look, I only hope this evolves into ours.

Hats off to ya Benny

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Knockholt Rod Rumble

Took a run down to Knockholt in North Kent, this morning, to a rod show organised by The Detonators Car Club of South London. Not really being a car fan, the main purpose was to meet up with Scarlett and Simo from DB who had been there for the weekend.
The Bullet ran down and back without missing a beat although the traffic was a bit hairy in places on the way back, cruising at 55 doesn't really fit in with the traffic conditions on the 25.
The two bikes, above and below, were amongst the few that were down there. Being of a Japanese heritage they wouldn't normally find room on these pages, but they were built in just a few months by two young blokes in their early twenties. Chatting to 'em revealed a philosophy of "hack off what ya don't like and weld on what ya do" There's some nice fabrication on these two, and the future looks bright if it's in hands like these.

Added this as a tribute to my mate's old boy who is serving with The Anglian Regiment at the moment.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The Postman Always Knocks Twice

Stuff coming from both east and west today. This cool tee came from Tyler at Lowbrow, they are printing and selling 'em to help offset the costs of this year's assault on Bonneville. Seeing as I can't get there personally then I figure it's the least that can be done. So, if you want to cut a little style this summer, and help out someone who is out there doin' it, checkout the Lowbrow site and shop. The link is on the left, just click on the logo.

More Deposits

Got another parcel from my new chums in the sub-continent, this time containing the rest of the rear hub set up for the Bullet. I think that there maybe a spacer or two that are currently not present though. At these prices it's hardly worth making them and with the news from Hitchcock's the other day time is not really pressing. Best try to get hold of a correct parts book I suppose, just to see what goes in there and to get a number or two

I'll be ordering the complete front hub assembly next and then it's a bit of a repaint and off to the wheel builders. In a way the hold up from Hitchcock's is a bit of a result as it gives time for the wheels to be sorted before the intimate exchange with Mr. Makita to fit the hard tail.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I'd love some of this on the shelf

Never even knew it existed Man! Cool or what?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Remember kids.........

Thanks Marcos - FKC

Got these yesterday from Marcos at Free Kustom Cycles down in Spain. Nice stickers and nice artwork. Muchas gracias mi amigo.

Bad news on the Bullet front.

Not good, got an e-mail from Allan Hitchcock today regarding the hard tail conversion. What was gonna be Mid-June is now Mid-July, and possibly counting. Ho hum, time to get more bits in the bank I suppose.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Clovis' Plunger

Clovis from DB sent me over this shot of his plunger A10. Nice looking bike, very similar to the A7 in it's first incarnation. If you look both frames have had the lower rails at the rear extended to straighten the line between the backbone and the upper chain stays. This makes for a cool look, but completely ruins the action of what is a primitive suspension system anyway. All that aside, it's good to see the ol' Beezers still out there, holding the line against the Meriden Hordes.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Hey Joe, great version...

Check out Popa Chubby givin' this tune a cracking airing over on the Monday Music page.

New Dirty Kid On The Block

Scarlett and Simo, the leading lights and driving force behind Dirty Bobbers have decided to take a great leap of faith and publish, on real paper, a lifestyle magazine devoted to old shit. I'll let Scarlett explain what it's all about;

We at DB central are aware of the frustrations the modern world throws at the average Old Shitter. You can't easily carry DB around in your back pocket to the shed / pub, use it to mop up oil spills or put your tea down on it. We understand that the species is at its most relaxed when perched on a worn wooden bench between the lump hammer and the grinder, big mug of tea smeared with greasy fingerprints in one hand, a recently scored rusty bargain in front of him, and something entertaining and informative to read, printed on actual paper.

So, after a couple of years of talking ourselves into it, then out of it again, Simo and I have finally decided that we are going to throw ourselves into the heady world of publishing!

The Dirty Magazine will be dedicated to the love and appreciation of old shit, from slot machines, hot rods and cafés to guitars, vintage fairgrounds, motorcycles, music and clothing – as well as people who have learnt and practice old skills in the modern world, for instance corsetry, blacksmithing, signwriting, maintaining old machinery etc...

The first issue is due out in July and (amongst regular features like album / book reviews, how-to's, how-nots etc) it will feature guitars made from tin, the art of corsetry, stock car racing in the 60s, Indianscot's 2 Face, the story of Chicken Snake and Jerry Teel, a handsome Model A, Gypsy Tours in the 1930s, and a bit of pinball wizardry thrown in for good measure.

The Dirty Mag will be quarterly and will be available through the DB shop - we'll keep you informed of developments!

It's a pretty brave step in today's world, so if you can, get a copy or two, Cheers.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's a bit early for Monday but ........

Check this out, grin factor at the MAX, no wonder Steve in The Black Isle can hardly contain himself.
Other than they're all Darksiders of course.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Pantherista have got it covered

Showed what was effectively the prototype for these the other day, there were a few tech hitches to iron out on that set. This here is the final, run with it, version with the clutch cover now in 2 mm stainless steel. The cutting of the lettering on the stainless is far far crisper than when 3 mm mild steel was used, this apparently, is because when cutting mild steel, oxygen is used as a shield gas or whatever. On the other hand nitrogen is used for stainless, making for a cooler operation. That's what the man said anyway.
This is a really neat solution to the problem of old parts getting harder and harder to get hold of. On the bike the proportions come together and the lines seem to be at ease with the other radii on some of the other cases.
Nice one Sumo.

Cheers Steve

Got some of these dropped through the letter box whilst I was out on my treasure seeking expedition today. As can be seen, they are cool and groovy stickers from them boys down at Stockers, cheers Steve, you are a gent. Sorry about the bubbling but I thought the rivet wasn't quite as prominent as it proved..... Doh!!!!!!

Do I really need this...............

Well the horde of rare and interesting Beezer bits is now residing here at Ironworks central. As you can see in the pictures it does have a certain "projectness" about it, although there are a lot of the big parts present. Stuff like the tinware will not be a problem as originality is not on the menu, and the hubs/wheels should be obtainable. There is a couple of apple boxes containing other small detail pieces, which are probably hard to come by, and some of the nuts and bolts.

This is probably the main reason that this bike/pile o' bits was bought. The engine number is XB33 146, BSA started at XB33 101 making this the forty fifth one ever made! It is severely doubtful that there are more than ten older B33's currently in existence. That in itself does not make it any easier or cheaper to haul back from the brink, but somehow it helps to justify the effort.

All that can wait for the moment though, there is plenty more to be getting on with. But, it is something else to be keeping an eye open for bits for whilst it resides beneath the bench awaiting it's turn on the rack.

Friday, 4 June 2010

GKM 15

Issue 15 arrived today, as always a great read and some really cool bikes from all corners of the globe. As usual there is some thought provoking stuff from Irish Rich and some heart warming tales throughout. If you want to get your hands on a copy, either click the link on the left hand sidebar, or click HERE.

Cheers Guy, always a welcome arrival

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Just feast your eyes on this........

One sixth scale Knuck motor, and it runs. Read about the man, the machine and the philosophy of perfection at The Craftmanship Site and prepare to be humbled and inspired at the same time.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pantherista Pix Released

Well Shaun got his bits home and has published this shot on Dirty Bobbers, so it must be OK to share it with you now. As can be seen, the springers are a real throw back to the seventies. The rear end is a slightly stretched custom number, otherwise the rest of it shares the same basic Panther parts as Sumo's posted yesterday. Amazing the difference in overall appearance of size between the two bikes.
The name for this new project, why it's Captain Cleckheaton of course.

Last week I had some primary cover parts laser cut for Sumo's project. Here's the prototype set after a quick shot of paint and loose assembly. Should look pretty cool and groovy when all painted up properly and fitted to the bike

Sittin' in a pub t'other day.

Sitting outside a pub yesterday, taking a well earned fruit juice, when an old single plonked by. Must of seen us, as he turned around and pulled into the car park on the bike shown below. A 1948 500cc BSA B33 I'll be damned, we were only talking about the project that is on offer not 10 minutes before.
The owner standing beside it in both shots is not a particularly tall fellah, and it shows how small these bikes are

This collection of "rare and desirable" parts are in fact the main bits of an identical bike,............. they will be mine