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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Clovis' Plunger

Clovis from DB sent me over this shot of his plunger A10. Nice looking bike, very similar to the A7 in it's first incarnation. If you look both frames have had the lower rails at the rear extended to straighten the line between the backbone and the upper chain stays. This makes for a cool look, but completely ruins the action of what is a primitive suspension system anyway. All that aside, it's good to see the ol' Beezers still out there, holding the line against the Meriden Hordes.

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  1. two beauties! speakin of that primitive suspension does anyone out there have any sensible ideas about how to improve it? i'm in the early stages of building a bobber/rod/speedshop style 51' A10 and like all uk residents have more than my fair share of potholes and horse s*&t to negotiate!! Heard tales of twitchiness and rear end samba dancin' and not to sure i fancy it! Best advice offered so far was " turn it into a hard tail" which is a bit like curing turbulence by cutting off the wings of the aircraft. all advice gratefully received thanks shane