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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Knockholt Rod Rumble

Took a run down to Knockholt in North Kent, this morning, to a rod show organised by The Detonators Car Club of South London. Not really being a car fan, the main purpose was to meet up with Scarlett and Simo from DB who had been there for the weekend.
The Bullet ran down and back without missing a beat although the traffic was a bit hairy in places on the way back, cruising at 55 doesn't really fit in with the traffic conditions on the 25.
The two bikes, above and below, were amongst the few that were down there. Being of a Japanese heritage they wouldn't normally find room on these pages, but they were built in just a few months by two young blokes in their early twenties. Chatting to 'em revealed a philosophy of "hack off what ya don't like and weld on what ya do" There's some nice fabrication on these two, and the future looks bright if it's in hands like these.

Added this as a tribute to my mate's old boy who is serving with The Anglian Regiment at the moment.

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