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Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Pantherista have got it covered

Showed what was effectively the prototype for these the other day, there were a few tech hitches to iron out on that set. This here is the final, run with it, version with the clutch cover now in 2 mm stainless steel. The cutting of the lettering on the stainless is far far crisper than when 3 mm mild steel was used, this apparently, is because when cutting mild steel, oxygen is used as a shield gas or whatever. On the other hand nitrogen is used for stainless, making for a cooler operation. That's what the man said anyway.
This is a really neat solution to the problem of old parts getting harder and harder to get hold of. On the bike the proportions come together and the lines seem to be at ease with the other radii on some of the other cases.
Nice one Sumo.

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