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Friday, 2 July 2010

The old stuff is still about

When I bought the rare and exotic pile of rusty bits that were once, and will be again, a B33, the drive side upper chain stay was bent and corroded. I phoned around a few places to find out what the chances of getting a replacement was. During this exercise I found out that the 1947 frame is more akin to pre-war stuff and the 1948 on rigid frame is a different animal.
So I started to seek out frame repairers, very odd people them, they advertise frame repairs and tube replacement and all that, but when I asked about, and sent photos of, the damage to the 33 frame, they all took one step smartly backwards. Can't really see why, surely if someone can build a frame from scratch, then chopping out and changing a couple of tubes is easy........ain't it?
Anyway, the other day Steve Jones from Yeomans in Bromsgrove 0121 453 8886 contacted me to say he'd scored a rear section at an autojumble, and do I want it. Well, Popes and funny hats, bears in the woods et al, course I want it. A deal was struck on the phone and it would be mine.
It arrived today, rusty but straight and the right one which is a bonus. I don't really intend to push this project along but it is becoming obvious that parts for this year are not as plentiful as the slightly later stuff. So it will be a case of picking bits up here and there as they crop up.


  1. Yep, been there Brian. Scouty was like that with chassis stuff, but stuff had a habit of appearing.

  2. I'm glad to see someone else also has "the patience of a saint". Why do we put ourselves through this again and again? I do admire your dedication, and in the end we get what we deserve. I'm going to call the Enfield 'Good Luck' because you f***ers inspire me.

  3. Its all a matter of cosmic supply, the right bits will come if you are patient, as we speak rusty steel and furry aluminium parts wrapped in brown paper and crated in fish/tea/carboard boxes are being whisked around the world in planes trains and lorries, drawn together to create - Zen and the art of bobber building

  4. Cosmic Supply... is that a Frank Zappa song?