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Monday, 19 July 2010

Stardom, in a funny kinda way................

Received an email off of Indianscot today, saying look at the picture very carefully, that one up there that is. Well I looked, and then I finally twigged it! it's the tee that he's wearing. Captioned up as "cuddly, in a barbed wire sorta way" it's your's truly aged 18, on my '69 Bonnie looking every inch the up and coming young Greaser. I posted this picture on a forum about 5 years ago and it keeps cropping up every now and again. Here it is again, just so you don't strain yer eyes.

Nice one Indi, had me laughin' like the village half wit, if anybody wants one let me know, I'll pass it on.


  1. It was going to be one o the pics in the Dirty Mag. Was going to see how long it was till someone twigged. Wouldn't come up right in the size needed, so posted it up on DB.

  2. classic... in a dirty old shit kinda way... hahaha