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Monday, 26 July 2010

Ton Up Day

As expected the place was rammed, no idea of how many people and bikes were there. A lot of modern ass in the air stuff as you can imagine, and the usual mass of Evos and Twinkies, but luckily that was 'round the back. The front of the Caff was for traders and the show bikes.

Clive's Goldie engined Featherbed. This bike ticks over like a cooking single and goes like hell, all down to the big Mikuni Clive reckons.

Nice work for sure on this A10, not sure I could live with the mish mash of influences myself, but hey, it ain't my bike so who really cares what I think.

A different take on the TriBsa theme, looking raging 60's Cali style though, nice

Triton ya say!!!! Just open this picture up and look at this bike, class all the way.


  1. Ah dude, great day - my favourite bike tho......http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ZkRyX4PoHNk/TExZcMVSD0I/AAAAAAAAAOQ/PwAdxDc_DFQ/s1600/billy+matchless.jpg gotta be billy's Matchless. apologies for poor picture I only had my phone on me!

  2. Missed that one Markus, easily done though mate, cracking little bike, love to see the old singles making a comeback ain't it.