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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What a crackin' weekend Grommit

I'm writing this from an hotel room in Limerick, Eire, I was going to take a break from the keyboard this week but after the weekend it just couldn't be done.
I've been do a few do's over the years, some a lot better than others, but I can honestly say that none have been better than The HotRod Hayride down near Guildford in Surrey. The place just has the coolest vibe, nice bikes, cars and excellent people all on the best site I think I have ever visited. Someone reckoned there are nine pubs on the grounds, not beer tents but proper pubs, and having visited three or four in a relatively small area I can quite believe it.
Next year........you betcha.

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  1. Excellent weekend, nine pubs? got to go again then!. Have fun in Ireland .Good to meet you.....Pete