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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wall Of Death

Had a day out over the Bedfordshire Steam and Country Fayre yesterday, and it was cheaper than free to get in! I was down to show the Commando over there and was sent a pass to get in by nine in the morning. I gotta 'fess up to not getting the Norton ready so I went on The Madras Marauder, well it looks old. No problems on arrival, got the number and everything and a commemorative whisky tumbler gratis, so cheaper than nowt.
There is something very English about steam do's and this is the only one left that allows the engines and other vehicles to roam around the site freely. At the pre show safety meeting, the guy said there is only one rule and that is "If you piss us off, then you piss off" excellent stuff, common sense is allowed to prevail.

Amongst all of the other amazing bits of old engineering and hot and steamy stuff was the Hellriders Wall of Death. Still using a couple of old Scouts, can't be many of these old side shows still up and running, damn glad they are though.

There will probably be a few more pics coming soon.

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