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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Crossbreed Cycles

Came across Chris Barber's site, Crossbreed Cycles and found this amongst a load of other nice stuff. Couldn't find an e-mail address on the site to get the clearance to use the shot but I hope he's cool with it. Here's how he describes it;

Hill Climber
This bike came together from an assortment of parts, it uses a 40's Matchless G3 frame, GM speedway engine, Burman gearbox, Suzuki RM125 front wheel (magnesium hub), Husquarvana front rim (used on rear) with Bultaco all alloy hub, Brooks bicycle seat. All efforts went into making this machine as light as possible, hence the choice of components.........even the rear mudguard stays are hollow tube.
This machine is road legal in the UK but for day light use only.

55+ BHP, 205 lbs dry weight = FUN

I really love this style of bike, got a certain Britishness about it, not trying to be a Harley or anything else for that matter, it's doing very well being exactly what it is.


  1. He bought the frame and engine from me, lovely job, a very clever man. Have you seen his V8 Alfa bike ?

  2. Yes Pete, awesome stuff in the true sense of the