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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Je vous remercie une fois de plus mon ami

Ya know what? The blogscape is a wonderful place sometimes, Kustom Geezers from all over the world, never met each other, but form friendships just the same. Roland from outa control and me were throwing e-mails back and forth a coupla weeks ago, trying to help each other locate imperial brass screws. I told him that I was searching for brass cheese head screws for the drain plugs at the bottom of the Commando forks on the A7. This morning a package arrived containing two 1/4" BSF and 2 1/4" BSW screws that he has turned from hex head bolts. It's generosity and brotherhood like this that keeps the winged wheel spinning.
Thank you my friend.


  1. impressive. nice to be reminded there's humans behind the net sometimes.

    -i thank you once again my friend? can't wk out'de plus'???

  2. Dunno, that's what Google said, maybe Roland can help us out.

  3. ha, fer a minute i thought you were a cunning linguist