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Thursday, 25 November 2010

New Boardtrack Racer Project

Sometimes you just cant believe your luck. i was rummaging about at
Newark auto jumble on Sunday and found a Harley Peashooter
bottom end a 1926 B   350cc single.
So now another Board racer project on the go with almost a real deal motor.
Now i know i've no chance of finding a pukka OHV top end for it so i'm
gonna try and graft a Brit exposed valve top end on it.
Maby a J.A.P speedway or if a i'm real lucky a 4 valve twin port Rudge.

First thing though is to fix the bottom end which is proving difficult already.
The big end & drive side main bearings are knacker'd, cant find any parts
on the net at the moment so might have to adapt something else to fit.


  1. Oh the green eyed monster is coming over me!
    What a find.
    I would have to check, but i may have some Jap top end stuff if you wanted to borrow it for any trial assy

  2. Hi Eric, that would be cool and very much appreciated.