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Sunday, 28 November 2010

New Mag About To Hit The Stands

There's a new mag at the printers, goes by the name of JUNK. Following in the footsteps of DiCe and GKM covering all that is kool and groovy in the kustom world, we wish the guys up in Leicester all the best with their new enterprise. Billy, one of the driving forces, is currently offering a deal on subscriptions, 5 issues for 20 quid. That's a deal whichever way you cut it, so get on it early, have that rare first edition and help the guys out. Send your e-mails to subs@junkmotorcyclemagazine.com.


  1. I think I'll have some of that!

  2. Damn email address on their site bounces back... any other way to get in touch with Mr. Whizz?

  3. Sounds like a Steve Marriott line Peter

    billywhiz22@yahoo.com will get ya there mate.

  4. Hey guys it's Billy Whiz..
    I think I have fixed the problem with subs@junkmotorcyclemagazine.com
    we'll see.. Apologies for any time wasted trying to use it over the last couple days.
    I am also at billywhiz22@yahoo.com if anyone wants to A) Buy a subscription B) show me a cool bike for issue #2 C) Any other comments!!
    Merry Xmas dudes...

  5. Got mine ..dam good read looking forward to next issue..nice one billywizz