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Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Birth Of A Contender

Other than The Osmonds, Utah's main claim to fame has got to be the revered dry salt lakes at Bonneville. So famous in fact Edward T named his most celebrated twin after them, following some success there in the fifties by people using his products. Of late there has been a growing link between the Kustom world and the temple of speed, Wes at Four Aces Cycle Supply has been a regular visitor to speed week for the last 5 years, Tyler and Kyle from Lowbrow had a crack at it this year and vow to return. Our very own Sumo of Vintage Chop is constructing a really novel machine for an attempt in 2012. Now Peter Allan can be added to the list, he's putting together a pre-unit Triumph to follow the black line to the horizon.

Using a set of cherry, late big bearing crankcases and a Factory Metalworks frame as the foundations for his "Epsom Salt Special" this promises to be a fascinating build, nothing stretches a man's wit, wisdom and wallet quite like the need for speed. Being ably assisted by Barons Speed Shop he has a wealth of fast Trumpet experience in his corner, so it will be quick, of that there's no doubt. Quick enough, that remains to be seen but hopefully we can follow the build from the Genesis we see here to a rear muddy hurtling off towards the Utah horizon in 2012.
Go Get em Pete!!!!


  1. Dick will make that quick enough for sure

    peter's wallet and dick's know how... a great combination ;)

  2. Yeah, I thought that there could be a chemistry starting up there.