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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Definitely The Next In The Queue

Them's of you that have been poppin' in here for a while will remember this. It's the big lumps of a 1946 500cc BSA B33, that I scored about 6 months ago. All this talk of Chicara, Board Trackers and the like has got the brain ticking over. Just Future Games at the moment of course but there is a master plan beginning to form as to the direction this bike is going to take. Because the frame is so narrow, I'm thinking big finned Gold Star top end, so the motor is by far the widest thing when viewed from the back. Girder forks with short straight bars and Talon 19" moto-cross wheels. Trials and/or moto-cross fittings to keep everything on the frame as narrow as possible. Sort of a pre-war cafe racer type of deal................just thinkin' at the moment you understand.


  1. can you put a spanner on the gear box/primary adjuster i am trying upon try to adjust mine without taking the mudguard off but cannot get the right size plus its only a half size hex grrrrr......oh yea its nice wish i had it

  2. 1/4" Whit spanner, 5/16" bolt size, same as the locknut in front of the frame slot.

  3. I like your thinkin.
    BW QM Eric