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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Holy Crapper Batman !!!!, It's A Japper !

Now I gotta tell ya, this has never happened before and it won't happen very often again, the clue's in the name of the site really. But Markus is a friend of BIW and he's after selling his Brat Style SR500 Yam. Now over here in England this style of bike has yet to fire the imagination of many builders, but if Japan is anything to go by it could well be a whole new sub-genre very soon. It's beginning to make headway in the US and in parts of Europe, so why not get in early and be the King of Kool down ya local this Spring. This is what Markus has got to say about it;

Sr500 Cafe Racer Project.

There is so much work on this bike it's difficult to know where to begin.......but here goes!

Professionally modified frame to fit the nitroheads seat and give that nice open look at the back of the bike.

Beautiful alloy tank and again frame professionally modified to suit.

Lots of very sought after custom parts - check out redzporvida.com on line for prices and you can see the sheer expense that has gone into this bike so far.

Alloy top yoke
One off full stainless exhaust - this pipe is stunning!!
Custom Decompression lever
Alloy Clip Ons
Alloy headlight mount
Battery eliminator
Pod filter
Tacho blank
Nitroheads duck tail seat
Alloy fuel tank
oil temp gauge
Stainless model a tail light
taper roller bearings
finned engine casings
finned oil cover
finned rocker covers
Plus lots more I can't remember.......

The bike has been built to be very minimal, it does not require a battery and all switches are located in the headlight shell and only horn and kill on the bars.
I was going to run a racing twin leading shoe drum on the front - this is available at a further £250 - it is fully reconditioned and selling for what it cost me, if you were to use this it would need a wheel building onto it and a new spindle turning up.

To finish the bike needs wiring (original loom supplied), the frame painting, probably the carb cleaning an inner for the headlight and some ancillary parts such as number plate etc

The engine was a great runner with 16000kms when I got the bike, have no reason to doubt it.

V5 is present and in my name, I am the second UK owner, this bike originally imported from Japan by Bridge Moto in Reading

Included is a whole bunch of standard parts including a mint v.rare rear guard, all cables, leavers and controls, the original wiring loom, and the mentioned custom parts.

I am only selling this bike as I've just been made redundant, I will be exceptionally sorry to see it go and as such won't take silly money for it.
I have over £3500 invested in this machine - it has the potential to be great.

Yours for £2750

Any questions please contact Markus on 07854116505 - I will be happy to help.

Looks like a nice project with not much input to gain extra Kool Kredits this coming season


  1. That pipe alone is worth the asking price - pity I'm potless again!

  2. These bikes are the future, no question.

  3. What I like is brat-style bikes like this remind me of my moped days but of course we never had the power this 500 has! The future (for some) as you say Pete..

  4. It's a bargain. You'd pay twice that for this bike in Australia. This style is fast becoming popular in Australia too. Check my blog, I'm doin the biz to a KZ 650 right now.