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Friday, 3 December 2010

Retro Stylee Baby............

These two bikes have come to my attention today, both are genuine 70's survivors and both are for sale. No need to try and build a bike that harks back to a golden age, here is an opportunity to own something that is period correct as far as the British scene went in the early seventies.

This Enfield has the rare pre-war 500 cc J2 twin port motor in it which is certainly an unusual power plant nowadays. Don't recognise the custom springer on the front but maybe somebody can shed some light on that.

The AJS or Matchless is running a later alternator motor, first introduced in 1958. This bike typifies what people were doing "back in the day" although springers were always an expensive commodity.
Both bike are said to be running fine and are on offer at £2750 a piece, not a bad price for authenticity.

If you're interested, contact Kieran at wardepartment@btinternet.com


  1. they look like Kustom Korner springers but the bottom rockers are throwing me big time !!!

  2. That gold tank bike is really cool - lose the front fender & it's money! Billy

  3. i remember seeing that ajs at the war department do... prefer the enfield though!