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Monday, 31 January 2011

1951 BSA Engine Specs

The pages above are from a small book entitled "BSA Motorcycles for 1951 - DATA BOOK. Private and Confidential"
From that it must have been a dealers only publication, not for consumption by the paying public. The thing that is interesting is the figures for the B34, they are identical to the B33, even the alloy head and barrel are optional extras! On the other hand, the B34 GS is a completely different beast, very much a customer specced bike individually built to order. This must have been the case as the permutations available with cams, compression ratios carbs etc. would have made it impossible to have done it any other way. So it is then, unless the cases are stamped GS it ain't anything special and it certainly did not leave Small Heath as a Gold Star.

As you can see along the right hand edge of the second page this book contains virtually every specification for all 1951 BSA models. If you want to see any other pages leave a comment or mail me.

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