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Friday, 14 January 2011

5 Service Stars

As I mentioned the other day, the new timing side bush is being sorted at Stotfold Engineering. True to his word Terry called in and picked the cases up Wednesday evening, along with the front disc that will be drilled out to a similar pattern as that one shown a couple of days ago. There's a bit of a bonus with that, his brother does plating and will hard chrome the disc after it's been machined.
Anyway, I called into Terry's place this afternoon just to make sure that he had everything he needed for the bush job, and secondly, and hopefully, that he wasn't going to say "They're scrap, can't do anything with them". Got 'round there and went into the office with him, and Say What ?!!!! the cases are done!
Vapour blasted, a couple of cracks welded up, all the screw holes cleaned out and the bush made, fitted and bored. No pictures as yet as I couldn't carry 'em on the bike.
Had to get home pretty damn el rapido to order up the Roller Bearing for the Drive Side and some shims, ready to get that sucker back together.
Oh yeah, I found myself whistling happy tunes on the way home as well.

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