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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Back Wheel Back

Smiffy brought the back wheel 'round yesterday after re-lacing it, looking pretty damn fine. Following the lead set by the front, the nipples are brass and spokes stainless. When it was bolted up in the frame it was found to be 3/8" out towards the Timing Side, so it was time for adventures in wheel building. Smiffy said he'd do it later, but I thought I'd give it a go and got down to it. Pretty easy thing to do as it goes, slacken all the spokes by half a turn on the side the rim needs to move away from, and tighten up the opposite side an equal amount and across it goes. It only moves about 1/16" at a time but remeasure each time and do another lap of the spokes as called for, and it will move over in a controlled fashion. Got it pretty much "cock on" for centre with about 1/8" run out, Smiffy can do the final tweaking to really true it up.

Found a nice brass grease nipple (zerk) in the box o' shite and got that in there to mirror rhe spoke nipples. As Frank Marino said "Happiness is beginning to rise"


  1. Looking good Brian!!! ya can't beat Brass Nipps mate !!

  2. What make & model is the rear hub shown above (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ZS-5reyH7cI/TTK4-0HTAwI/AAAAAAAAB_k/ohYgeQKAIaE/s1600/Grease%2BNipple.jpg) ?

    I think I have to have one!