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Monday, 10 January 2011

Commando Disc

As the front end on the A7 is originally from a 1975 MkIII Commando it runs a (not very good) disc brake set-up. There are loads of upgrades out there, but they nearly all require a new caliper and rotor to be fitted, and these tend to be modelled after modern bike brakes. I like the original caliper, big old clunky cast aluminium thing that it is, it seems a little more in keeping with the overall feel of the A7 as it stands. Looking 'round to get a new standard disk I came across this at Old Britts in the good old USA. Cheaper to have the original disk ground and drilled that to buy a new one, until you take the cost of postage into account! Hmm, wonder if there's anybody in England doing the same?

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