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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

On the up side

Picked up the disc from Stotfold Engineering this evening, funny but whenever I go down there it's pissin' down with rain. Anyway, here it is, drilled and re-plated, although it still needs a bit of detailing, it's looking far more like it. There is an added bonus, in as much as the hub detail and polished spoke heads are visible through the large centre holes. The difference in weight is definitely noticeable as well, compared to when it was more like a dinner plate hanging on there. Technically speaking it should improve the ride a little as - if I remember correctly - it's the ratio between the sprung weight of a bike and the unsprung weight that is the controlling factor. The higher the number the more compliant the suspension is, that's why things like Electra-Glides and Gold Wings are smooth rides.

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