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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Remember the old A7?????????????

For several reasons that I shan't go into, last year was pretty much shit from one end to the other here at Castle Quaff. Focus was lost on the Beezer and progress ground to a virtual stop. Well with all the enthusiasm that a new year brings, and a naive confidence that things cannot be as bad this year, the A7 project is up and running again.
Assembled the forks to allow the rebuilt front wheel to be checked for centre. Inspiring stuff indeed, they look the bollocks, if this is a sign of things to come I'll be made up. A lot out there will probably think it's too shiny, but I find it difficult to make stuff that is not the best I can do. Them's that cultivate the "Barn find" look are fine if that's what floats their boat good on 'em. But me, well call it old fashioned if ya like, I like nice looking bikes, not blinged up as such but neat, clean and tidy does it for me.

A classic "Up the skirt" shot for Peter R here, I know he likes 'em. There's a decent view of the steering stop arrangement, and the speedo bracket in position. The speedo itself is a bit of a headache at the moment, I'm sure it's an NOS instrument as it's showing a couple of miles and there's not a mark on it. The body of it is finished in a greenish silver paint/lacquer that is original, to paint or not that is the question. Currently I'm siding towards leaving it as it is, certainly until the rest is up in paint.

A detail shot showing off the brass drain screws that Roland in France kindly turned up and sent over. It also shows off the polished brass spoke nipples that, I feel, have come out a treat. The steel parts seen here, and what will be on the rest of the bike, have been plated in "Electroless Nickel", it gives a more solid engineering look to parts rather than the bling of chrome.
So it's game back on!!!


  1. love the detail Quaffie.
    you are right about the speedo
    and yes, shrug off the shit, that was then, this is now,
    well thats what my wife says. haha

  2. brass nipples are excellent, good finish

  3. Cheers for that shot... what a nice way to start the day! Glad you're feeling more inspired.