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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Smiffy's Vincent

Popped 'round to see Smiffy over the weekend, he's just putting his Lightning back together. Very nice indeed and probably worth a hundred quid more today than it was on Saturday!
Stevenage, the site of the old works, is only ten miles or so from here so there are probably more per square mile in this area than just about anywhere else on the planet. It's reckoned that in the 50's a hell of a lot of people 'round here were running bikes of all makes with Vincent, tanks, wheels, mudguards and just about anything else that could be sneaked out of the factory on 'em.

The man has got a great eye for detail, and his bikes give the impression that nothing is put on without being studied, modified and massaged first. Which is of course the way it should be, but it's only a few that carry it off throughout the build.

The bare bones of his Trumpet Bobber project was tucked up in the back corner, getting attended to as and when the right parts turn up. This promises to be a sweet bike when it's finished, in fact it's guaran - damn - teed it will be.
I'll keep y'all posted on progress.

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