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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Two Dicked Dog

At the moment I'm like the proverbial "Dog with two dicks" can't wait until Saturday to get up Johnny's and get stuck into building the motor up. Terry from Stotfold Engineering kindly dropped off the cases and crank yesterday. As I've said before, the cases are amazing, they really do look new, and the fit of the bush he has made to the crank journal feels spot on. My only fear is that somewhere along the line some part will be missing, or there but not fit for purpose and the job will be held up. In reality it could all be in Wales at the moment, out of my control and at least two months away from coming back. I've tried to pre-empt the parts we will need and get them on order from Draganfly but the problem is that the drawing on their site (above) is generic. The actual picture shows plunger cases and the part numbers cover all models. The long stroke motor was only made between 1946 and 1950 and there are quite a few subtle differences between it, and the more common plunger engine. It can be a little difficult at times trying to discuss these differences over the phone and be confident that the right parts will turn up.
We'll see.

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