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Monday, 21 February 2011

A7 Build Bottoming Out

The A7 build has virtually hit the bottom of the trough, just a couple of old forward mount lugs to have off and a massage of the rear oil tank mount and it'll be off for paint. Then as bits go back on they are going on for keeps.
The tank has always been precariously held on with a Ty-Wrap, that wouldn't do as we couldn't get one the right colour, so things had to be made a bit more permanent.

One existing through hole was used at the front and a new one drilled through the frame at the rear. Lengths of 12 mm steel hydraulic tube was put through the holes and welded in. This was done to put the strength back into the frame tube.

A length of 2" diameter steel tube was split down the centre to act as the new support. Marked to suit the holes in the frame and drilled off, two nuts were welded on the split pipe.

The new "tunnel" was then welded to the tank.
Look Ma, no mounting bolts!!!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

1946 BSA B31 Frame

As ya can see Toddy has replaced the upper chainstays now and pulled the frame back out of the jig. Looking a damn sight more healthy than it did a few weeks ago, that's for sure.

As always the workmanship is beyond reproach. The seat spring mounts have been remade as the tubing size has been increased by an eighth to mirror the size of the lower rails, giving it a stronger more balanced look.

The change in tube size may well twist the melons of some out there, but is certainly makes for a better looking frame.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ring Of Gold

Funny how your views change with the passing of time. Been looking to get one or two bits brass plated to tie in with other bits on the A7, found out that it's not very straightforward, nobody really does it any more, not 'round these parts anyway. The bloke who does the polishing said that he could get it done, so the Batesalike rim was given over for brass plating. Picked it up yesterday, looks OK but it's gold plated and not brass! Strange that, I've known people polishing up brass and claiming it to be gold, now it's hoped that gold will look like brass.

Friday, 18 February 2011

BSA Gold Star 1951 ZB 32

Well the Fat Lady's singing now alright, the B33 project is now officially a B32 project

A 1951 350 Goldie motor is now residing in my shed, all complete and running with no real signs of butchery or major repairs.

Phoned the guy who last ran it, and he said as long as the bloke I bought it from had not done anything to it, he would bolt it back in and run it tomorrow. The only reason it came out of his bike was because he found a ZB34 to go in there.

Currently housing a 9.5:1 piston, it has got decompression plates beneath the barrel to drop it to around 8.0:1. That will do for now, just want to fire her up at the moment but that will be a while away yet.

The cams, apparently are standard road going profile, so initially it won't be a roadburner. There is an advantage here as it leaves plenty of scope for improvement at a later date.

To put the icing on top of the cake, the frame is finished as well. Not sure when I can borrow a car to go up and get that but it won't be long. When I go up the motor and forks will be going as well, just so we can play big boys Lego for a while.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hey Jig-a-Jig

The 33 frame has been having a relaxing break by the seaside since Christmas, up until this week that is. Toddy has kindly agreed to give it "The laying upon of the hands" and is sorting out the rear triangle. So here it is, trussed up and getting pulled back into the shape it originally was in '46. The two upper chainstays are going to be replaced as they've pretty much given up the struggle with the elements over the last 65 years.

Now ya gotta look at it and think, girder forks, Goldie motor,19 in the back and 21 out front, and possibly loads a ali bits.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Sneaky Little Look

Johnny threw a bit of a curve ball this weekend. Smiffy brought the head back, freshly painted in two pack black, on Saturday. Johnny slipped the valves and springs in, and I was none the wiser until yesterday. Took the opportunity of piecing the shiny bits together to get a preview of things to come. Still waiting on the rods so it is only loosely assembled, but all in all not too shabby.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

More Tail Light Action

This came through the other day, sent by Marcos of FKC in Barcelona. At the moment the front light on the A7 is a universal, everybody's got one, Batesalike. These are a like Sportster tanks, overdone and had their day years ago, but still a fine looking thing despite all that. So the tail light is a one thirdish replica, should look alright and introduce a little front - back commonality.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Girder Forked Triumph Twin

Mark T over at DB has finished his ex sidecar racing pre-unit Trumpet, and it's looking mean and purposeful. Originally it was posted as a '39 but closer inspection doesn't reveal anything that can be pinned down to 1939, but there's no harm in that.
I still can't figure out what's happened to the forks, the extra section in the middle of the lower triangle is intriguing, a brace to strengthen the fork against lateral deflection, maybe?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

1951 ZB32 GS

There ain't no Fat Lady singin' yet, but she's tuning up!
This will be mine.

Some food for thought..

566cc    ooooer

Monday, 7 February 2011

It's all smoke and mirrors

Got this lot gingerly balanced to get an idea of height, the rim's a 21" so a tyre will add another 3" and when the spindle is properly located it will lose an inch. I reckon it won't be far off the money.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Startin' to come apart at the seams

I hate it when bits are out of my control, I've sent the gudgeon pins to SRM so they can hone the small end bushes. I was shittin' myself until I got the confirmation that they had arrived safely.
The gearbox cases are in for blasting and polishing, they're promised for tomorrow which will be good.
Some of the fabricated stuff came of for polishing and dull nickel plating. I can really see the attraction of making stuff out of stainless. It may be a bit harder to work, but it can all be finished "in house" and not entrusted to some one else.

This example of Toddy's work is, not only soul destroyingly beautiful, it shows what can be done in stainless without letting parts leave your clutching grasp to go to a platers.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Singles Porn

There's plans afoot...................

................and we ain't talking about twelve inches !!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

GKM 19 On The Street

Number 19, is now here, long on Harleys, but nice bikes just the same.
Pete Stansfield is flying the flag, fair crackin' along with the Triumph build.
Then there's this nice wee Honda, Aaron Elliot's CJ360.
Ya gotta love that seat, pad section thinner and more parallel with the frame and a hint of a back stop, Yeah, I can see that working.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cool Running

Got a couple of these in the shed, no idea what grade they are though, dare I run 'em ? Damn fine looking plugs all the same!