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Monday, 21 February 2011

A7 Build Bottoming Out

The A7 build has virtually hit the bottom of the trough, just a couple of old forward mount lugs to have off and a massage of the rear oil tank mount and it'll be off for paint. Then as bits go back on they are going on for keeps.
The tank has always been precariously held on with a Ty-Wrap, that wouldn't do as we couldn't get one the right colour, so things had to be made a bit more permanent.

One existing through hole was used at the front and a new one drilled through the frame at the rear. Lengths of 12 mm steel hydraulic tube was put through the holes and welded in. This was done to put the strength back into the frame tube.

A length of 2" diameter steel tube was split down the centre to act as the new support. Marked to suit the holes in the frame and drilled off, two nuts were welded on the split pipe.

The new "tunnel" was then welded to the tank.
Look Ma, no mounting bolts!!!!

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