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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Startin' to come apart at the seams

I hate it when bits are out of my control, I've sent the gudgeon pins to SRM so they can hone the small end bushes. I was shittin' myself until I got the confirmation that they had arrived safely.
The gearbox cases are in for blasting and polishing, they're promised for tomorrow which will be good.
Some of the fabricated stuff came of for polishing and dull nickel plating. I can really see the attraction of making stuff out of stainless. It may be a bit harder to work, but it can all be finished "in house" and not entrusted to some one else.

This example of Toddy's work is, not only soul destroyingly beautiful, it shows what can be done in stainless without letting parts leave your clutching grasp to go to a platers.

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